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The Regimen

A Healthy Hair Planner Reference Guide


Healthy Hair. Beautiful Skin.

TrêsLife is dedicated to helping you and your family achieve your hair and skin goals without the fears of using toxic parabens, chemicals, or other unhealthy products. We provide organic, toxin free, paraben free and 100% chemical free products handmade in the USA!  Each of our products have been crafter to cater to high and low porosity hair and nourish your style to last for days.  Our bundle packages come with a regimen guide, created by a Licensed Cosmetologist, that when followed will help you reach your hair goals. No more having to 'figure' out how to use a product or if the product will work for 'your' hair needs. There is a bundle for whatever you need.


Learn about your hair

and how to take care of it!


Grab the right products

for your hair needs and we will give you a free Regimen guide!

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