The Regimen - A Healthy Hair Planner

HAIR. A single word that holds a lot of weight and often heavily influences a persons self-image. Let's face it, our hair is one of the first things that people notice when they see us. Our hair has often played a significant role in what jobs we might get, how people view us, and how we even feel about ourselves. We at times look at someone's hair with envy, wishing we had the same kind of hair or have just resigned ourselves to purchasing wigs, weaves, or extensions because it's easier. We tend to believe our hair could never look healthy, shiny, strong, and luxurious. Well, what if I told you that healthy hair IS possible… Allow me to introduce myself. My name is LaTanya Lodge. I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and the CEO and Founder of The TrêsLife. Throughout the years, I have tested many hair products, watched a ton of hair tutorials, and spent hours in the mirror, only to end up with a cabinet full of products that coated my hair but did not nourish my hair by penetrating the actual strands and nourishing them to the roots. I spent thousands of dollars just to end up with dry, lifeless curls that needed to be refreshed and product reapplied every day. I had often thought to myself that my hair could not pass a certain length. I would even watch tons of YouTube videos wishing my tresses would flow like theirs. One day I decided to take my passion for hair and health and investigate the science behind our hair and what our hair requires so that it would grow strong, healthy and beautiful. I found that a lot of the ingredients in our everyday cosmetics and hair products were actually harming us, instead of helping us by using ingredients that have been proven to be extremely toxic and damaging to hair and overall health. Through the years I began testing all-natural and safe ingredients on my clients and the results were that many clients went from dry, brittle and damaged hair to strong, glowing and healthy hair.


TrêsLife The Regimen - A Healthy Hair planner is a reference planner that will help you in the following areas:


· 7 step regimen process.

· Ingredient knowledge. In this reference guide, we go over healthy ingredients that benefit our hair tresses and even the harmful ingredients that impact our hair tresses, skin, and health.

· What your true hair type is. No, I am not referring to the 1a-4c method. Your hair type goes deeper than that and until you know your specific hair type, you won’t know what your hair tresses crave.

· What specific products to purchase for what your hair needs.

· Steps to identify your hair type.

· How to get salon-quality hair in the comfort of your home.

· Dietary suggestions for healthy hair.

· Access to our monthly video tutorials and Q&A with a licensed cosmetologist.

· A 12-month interactive planner that breaks down your regimen day by day or week by week.

· The science of hair.

· And so much more!!!


This planner offers a robust wealth of knowledge that will enable you to totally say bye-bye to damaged hair…. FOREVER!! This planner also itemizes proven remedies to your hair care sorrows versus temporary guess work solutions. The science of hair is truly universal and applicable to all hair types and textures. This planner maps out exactly what regimen "you" need and what will work for "you". Knowledge is power and with the implementation of this reference guide you will be empowered with the tools that you need to provide for yourself the healthy, strong, shiny and luxurious hair that you've always wanted. YES, healthy hair IS possible… With the Regimen.


ISBN 9780578811093

The Regimen - A Healthy Hair Planner

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