How are you today?? -Adjusting to Shelter in Place

This time of year is when the spring weather starts to break, the days are longer, the birds are chirping, BBQ grills are going and everyone around has some event to go to. But today in my town we are under a shelter in place order. Big time NO FUN!! This can be very confusing to the senses and some may even feel depressed. If you read this we just want to let you know all hope is not lost. Try to take time and enjoy the simple things we often overlook because we’re busy. Call a friend you have not spoken to in a while and catch up. If you live alone embrace the silence and snuggle up to a good book or read some scriptures, which certainly offers hope and comfort. Make a family game night or movie night. Begin a blog 😀. Whatever you choose just remember their is hope. We at TrêsLIfe are praying for the state of the entire world but meanwhile we had to check on you and let you know....THERE IS HOPE!!!

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