Banding Method Hair Style

Have you ever heard of or tried the banding method?

The banding method is a style that is actually fairly easy. However, the most important part of a banding method is nourishing your hair and sealing the moisture. This style can be achieved using many of the TresLife products.

Here are the steps:

1- After your hair has been properly cleansed and conditioned, part your hair into 4 sections.

2- Apply the Aloe Vera Leave-In, Matcha green tea moisturizer or Coco mango moisturizer, and the seal me oil.

2- Carefully detangle the first section and apply hair ties going down the length of your hair.

4- Proceed to do this for the remaining sections.

5- Tie hair down with a satin scarf or bonnet.

6- When hair is completely dry take each section out carefully and fluff!!!

Watch this video for a high-level overview of this style. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for future videos

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